Thursday, October 14, 2004

Coach's Clipboard


Childress: Offense Has Confidence
Terrell Owens showed his confidence by laying down the gauntlet in the direction of Carolina's Ricky Manning, Jr. this week.

How do the coaches feel about T.O.'s verbal expression?

RB Brian Westbrook: Missed NFC title game
"It is what it is. It stands. It's what he said. He's a different personality and I enjoy his personality. He's very confident," said offensive coordinator Brad Childress. "I would tell you, it's refreshing.

"It's different. It's an alternative point of view. He has a history where he's backed it up. It's not bragging if you can back it up."

The bottom line for Childress is that the offense plays with confidence against Carolina on Sunday. Certainly, the offense has been a force in the 4-0 start, and that's something the Eagles want to continue as the season resumes after the bye week.

Childress has a diverse, attacking offense that has a red-hot quarterback and multiple weapons. And he'll have Brian Westbrook for this game against Carolina, unlike in the NFC Championship Game.

"The more tools, the more weapons you can have to attack with, it makes a difference," said Childress. "If you only have one, you can legislate against one player, or in some cases, two. It helps to have as many tools as you can."

Carolina's defense gave the Eagles fits in January. This time, the Panthers aren't the same group. There is no defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. The secondary has been revamped. The linebacker corps has been dinged with injuries.

So what will the offensive attack be? Childress was, predictably, vague.

"We're going to run our offense. There is going to be some run, there is going to be some pass," he said. "We're going to see how they want to deploy against various different formation groupings. We'll see if they have trouble in a (single) area. You kind of probe and see."