Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What a Baby

Why does Terrell Owens have to bring attention to himself. It just seems like no matter what any one does he is never content. The guy just always seems to want more. I can understand being an athelete. One has to push them selfs to be the best and frankly Owens is one of the best at what he does on the field.

I heard the the front office for the Philly is going to move some money around for Owens so he could be content till contract extension time. I just don't understand the guy gets so much money as it is. Plus he is a NFL icon now, what more does he want. I have a feeling this will all blow over by the time mini-camps roll around.

Monday, April 11, 2005

O-Line Shuffle

When the team traded up in last year's draft to take offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, the plan was for Andrews to play right guard his rookie year and move outside to right tackle in his second year.

Those plans have changed. Because Andrews missed his rookie season with a broken leg, the team wants him to stay inside for at least another year, and perhaps longer.

Right tackle Jon Runyan also played very well last season, pre-empting his move out. Andrews played well inside before his injury and could be more of a natural guard than a tackle anyway.

The loss of free agent Jermane Mayberry also makes it easier for Andrews to assume his old right guard position. . . .