Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Tony Danza Show

I guess Terrell Owens does need money, and this is no knock on Tony Danza (I personally think Danza is a cool cat), but Terrell Owens recently went on his show. I have actually seen the Tony Danza show and the guy is quite entertaining.

I am just curious why Owens always needs to be in the spot light. He is such a drama queen. Danza’s T.V. show is day time television so I don’t even know how many people saw that show, but regardless I think Owens should do something with himself, I am beginning to think the guy is a waste of space.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

T.O. Who?

Andy Reid is beginning to forget about Terrell Owens, his attention and the rest of the coaching staff’s attention his now being drawn towards rookie wide receiver Reggie Brown.

Brown is making leaps and breaking boundaries in mini-camps. He is also picking up the West Coast offense very well, which is something most rookies receivers under Andy Reid have a hard time doing. I think this one will be an exception to the rule.

Monday, May 23, 2005

A Deadly Tandem

Looking around the league I noticed that the Philadelphia Eagles have probably the best safety tandem in the league. With Brian Dawkins returning to his free safety position and Mike Lewis at strong safety, opposing teams are probably drawing up a game plan to stay away from the deep middle or the middle zone in general. Not that my opinion counts in the NFL but I would have to grade this tandem with an A-.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dawkins Saga

from Foxsports.com
Free safety Brian Dawkins changed his game last season and still made it to his fourth Pro Bowl. Dawkins was asked to play more deep coverage to help the young cornerbacks and was magnificent as the center fielder. When needed he can still come up in the box and be an aggressive run stopper, and he's probably still the team's best blitzer. That combination of skills, the ability to hit like a linebacker and cover like a cornerback, is what makes the nine-year veteran the best safety in the conference year after year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In the hands of a Rookie

The show will go on with out Terrell Owens. Yes Terrell Owens might be the most athletic and dangerous receiver in the league but he is not a team player. And that is what it takes to get to the promise land.

The Eagles draft Reggie Brown in the second round and he has some shoes to fill now that Freddie Mitchell is gone and Owens is pouting.

The show must go On.

A rookie that has stood out in this weekend camp was second-round draft pick WR Reggie Brown. Brown showed better hands than advertised and ran smoother routes than thought capable of. Brown got most of his work as the outside "X'' receiver.

At this rate who cares about T.O. I guess he doesnt know that the show must go on and under Andy Reid the show will go on with out Terrell Owens regardless of how good of a football player he is.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Reciever Woes

Is Owens still crying? Does that guy still want more money? This is just ridiculous. Act like a professional Terrell Ownes. Just take there other wide receiver Feddie Mitchell for example. The Eagles released him due to his complaining and criticism of the playbook and quaterback. No wonder why the Niners let him go...